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Nicki Moodie 11+ TUITION

Nicki Moodie/Tuition recognises and respects the uniqueness of each child. Our mission is for each pupil to gain success in their Eleven Plus Grammar School Entrance. Before commencing the tutoring, each child is given an assessment test to confirm their suitability. There are one to one sessions and group session running each year. 

On commencing the programme of study, files are given which are filed into categories of Verbal Reasoning, Non- Verbal Reasoning, Maths and English. Strong emphasis is put on vocabulary tests every week. The CEM Durham style test is now much broader in subject areas and it is key that your child is also reading broadly.

Pupils progress is monitored throughout the course and verbal feedback is given regularly. Individual results are analysed and any weak areas are noted. These areas are then targeted for more practice. Pupils improvement is recorded, and rewards are given at every improvement level. Homework is also given at the end of each lesson, which is relevant to the areas covered during the session. Extra mini- mock tests are emailed out as homework as the course progresses.

Ideally pupils begin the tutoring sessions at the beginning of year five in their schooling. This gives a full academic year to prepare them for their Eleven Plus exam in the following September. Pupils generally come after school, at a regular time each week during the term time. We also take on pupils over the Summer holidays, for a more intensive programme, if that is required. We also run mock exams during the Summer Term. These are taken in a centre in Cheltenham, under exam conditions. This is an excellent way to prepare your child for the actual test.

The results for 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018 were excellent. Each year there have been at least four pupils who have gained places in the top 180 at Pates Grammar School. All the pupils have gained entry to a grammar school. This is naturally a team effort, including hard work from the child and following through on the tasks they have been asked to do.

References can be provided if requested.

11 PLUS MOCK EXAMS - CEM - Durham University style tests.

 Information about the mock exams, is given on the link web page.

Bookings for mock tests March - September 2021. will be put online from January 2021:

Each mock test is exclusively written.


In the 11+ Gloucestershire Grammar tests for 2016, 2017& 2018, 2019 & 2020 - 20% of the total mark has been for Vocabulary.

"Whizz Match" and "Whizz Match 2" and "Whizz Opposites" are card games that have been designed to help your child broaden their vocabulary knowledge. The synonyms and antonyms have been carefully selected by experienced tutors. The games are colourful, appealing and fun. They can be played individually, enabling learning to take place independently.

An excellent vocabulary knowledge is essential for success in the CEM 11 plus test.

A parent's comment: 'As a parent I struggled getting my child to learn new words from lists of vocabulary. The Whizz games proved to be fun and enabled the learning process to take place without my involvement and without the stress!'

'Whizz Maths' has now been also released to help children with fractions, decimals, percentages and ratio.

These card games are now available on Amazon from the following link.

Whizz Match

Whizz Maths